BLM still eerily silent about modern black slaves while funds are used to bail out rioters.

BLM has raised over 1 billion dollars since its inception. A while back there was a Reddit AMA (ask me anything, for those not familiar), with a leader in the Black Lives Matter organization. They were asked hundreds of times where the hundreds of millions they’d recently raised were going with no response. That may not be, in itself entirely damning, but I feel we’re owed an answer, and a discussion should be had about how best to allocate these funds, lovingly given by followers in the hopes of instigating positive change in black communities.

Around that same time, I was also just starting to learn more about the organization and looking for ways to get involved. I had just posted my little black square with the accompanying #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and thought “well, this is kind of bullshit. I grew up hearing how racism was wrong on a regular basis, as was everyone else on North America. While racism still exists, simply saying Black Lives Matter online is about as helpful as saying “don’t murder people, it’s bad”. We know. We’ve known for decades. More awareness is fine, and I respect that this cause is “having a moment” as they say.

However, there’s little chance murderers are going to stop murdering people by seeing a hashtag, so I found the BLM hashtag to be an empty gesture. Yes, it’s spreading awareness, and surely it can’t hurt. I just thought there must be more we can do to get to the heart of why after 400 years of being in North America, black people are still struggling.

Chinese, Japanese, and Indian people also faced discrimination when they arrived in North America.

Yet without ever having to protest or launch social media campaigns online, they are thriving, becoming some of the highest earners in the country, and don’t seem to be targeted disproportionately by the police.

They are visible minorities. Why aren’t they still struggling while black people are? A piece of the puzzle seems to be missing here I thought.

This led to me to turning to prominent black scholars and voices to get to the heart of it and I learned that it’s all about family. The bonds in Asian families are strong, and parents ensure their children stay on the right path, excel in school, make wise life choices, and build strong family bonds of their own. Strong family units = a better upbringing = less poverty = less crime = winning the respect of the country. Simple. I mean, why just aim for people not being racist towards your race when you can take it a step further and win their admiration.

Of course we should judge each person by the content of their characters, but that’s not what BLM is about. They ARE about altering the worlds image of black people as well as prospering. This same scenario has already played out with every new race that landed on the shores of America. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Why not follow the same model if it works?

So, with the abolition of slavery, we should be seeing the same results. But we’re not.

It seems what makes this case different, is that years of welfare programs designed to lift black people out of poverty, did the opposite and ended up with black mothers being married to the state, while black fathers were excluded from the home. Now, 74% of Black mothers are raising their children without a father in the home.

During his time in office, President Obama said a child that grows up without a father is 20 times more likely to end up living a life of crime.

I assumed this wouldn’t be news to the BLM organization and they would be actively supporting programs that work to rectify this problem. The programs exist. There are many organizations that match mentors with at risk youth without stable families, but it doesn’t seem that BLM is supporting them. The BLM website looks slick and polished with its list of demands while these black youth mentoring websites look they’re operating on a shoe string budget.

I would urge those that support BLM to get involved in these programs, and perhaps put pressure on BLM to do so while we’re at it.

Another area where BLM is silent is the issue of modern day human slavery, with many or possibly most of the slaves being black.

I realize BLM is centred in America, but it’s become a world wide movement. And while there is work to be done in North America, I can’t help thinking the millions of dollars being used to bail out BLM rioters and looters might be better spent helping these these modern slaves.

Below is a short documentary about the modern day slavery of young black women – some of them minors – in Kuwait. It is truly shocking to see this going on in 2020.

Enough has already been said about the vast amounts of black on black homicide – including children and infants – that BLM seems to have little interest in. So I won’t add to that. But surely if BLM cares about black lives, they may want to re-allocate some of the recent windfall to freeing these black slaves.



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Malcolm Radwell

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